Prof. Taban lo Liyong
  • Prof. Taban lo Liyong, is a South Sudanese and Ugandan author of over twenty books spanning poetry, plays, stories, essays, children's books, literary criticism and folktales. He grew up in Northern Uganda and attended National Teachers College, Kyambogo, before continuing his undergraduate studies at Knoxville College in Tennessee and Howard University in Washington, D.C. He holds a Master Fine Arts, Creative Writing from the Creative Writing, the First African to Hold the Fellowship in 1968! Only from Iowa Creative Writing Graduate can a complex After Troy come. He returned to Uganda and worked at the University of Nairobi for several years, as a research fellow in the Institute of African Studies, then as a lecturer in the literature department. From 1975 to 1977 he served as chairman of the literature department at the University of Papua New Guinea, then he returned to Sudan to work at the University of Juba. He has taught in universities in Africa, Asia, North America, and Europe, and is currently a professor at the University of Juba, South Sudan.

    There are 4 of his writings here: Defence of Lawino; Showhat and Sowat; Christmas in Lodwar and After Troy.

    Presentation Title: Ethics, morals, and religions that are indigenous to Africa: their natures and how to transform them if needs be.

  • Associate Prof. Anke Graness
  • Associate Prof. Anke Graness, is from the University of Hildesheim in Germany. She holds PhD in philosophy from the Institute of Philosophy, University of Vienna, Austria. Her PhD title is “Henry Odera Oruka’s concept of Global Justice”. She also holds a Mag. Phil., from the Institute of Philosophy, University of Vienna, Austria, with the Thesis title: “The problem of Identity in Modern African Philosophy”. Her main areas of research are: Intercultural philosophy, philosophy in Africa, social ethics, theories of justice, and political philosophy. She has published widely in this field, won prices, and traveled widely. Since 2014: Her last book: “Philosophy in Africa: Methodological Challenges of a Global Historiography of Philosophy” in Germany. She is currently the Vice President of German Society of Intercultural Philosophy. She is also the Managing Director of DFG Project Histories of Philosophy in a Global Perspective.

    Presentation Title: Women in the History of Philosophy: A Global Perspective

  • Prof. Sylvia Tamale
  • Professor Tamale is a former Dean of the School of Law. She founded and serves as Coordinator of the Gender, Law & Sexuality Research Project at the School of Law. Her research interests include “Gender, Identity and Sexuality,” “Women and Politics” and “Third world women and the Law.” Among other subjects she teaches “Gender and the Law”. By combining academia and activism, Professor Tamale adopts a critical approach to the law that aims at enhancing students’ transformative personal growth and action. Her latest publication is African Sexualities: A Reader (Pambazuka Press, 2011). Professor Tamale serves on several international boards and has been a visiting Professor in several academic institutions globally. She has won several awards for defending the human rights of marginalized groups such as women, sex workers, homosexuals and refugees.

  • Prof. Josephine Ahikire
  • Associate Professor Josephine Ahikire, Principal, CHUSS, Makerere University, Uganda – on male and female gender dynamics in Africa.

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