Theme One: Gender, Governance and Politics
S/N Abstract Title Author
1 Shattering the glass ceiling, difficult but possible: experiences of women in leadership positions i Ademuson Adefolake Olusola
2 Politics of language and aesthetics in Okot p’Bitek’s African imaginaries of governance, gender and Aloysius Tenywa Malagala and Betty Okot
3 Gender and politics in Ethiopia Biruk Shewadeg
4 The informal and formal political participation of women in Uganda Chemutai Doreen
5 The 21st century as the century for African women’s leadership? Frans Dokman
6 Singing woman: Song, secularism and the politics of gender in Uganda Itah Patience Mbethki
7 Gender inclusivity in politics: a critical analysis of Thomas Hobbes’ political theory and its relev Kobia Josphat Kaume
8 Bio-politics and materiality of a colonised female body Colonial archiving and durability Laury Ocen, James Ocitta and Daniel Komakech
9 I have a dream – on the deductive force of logic in the politics of gender Martin Luther King Jr
10 Bottleneck in women’s participation in African politics: An interrogation of indigenous roles of wom Mohammed Akinola Akomolafe
11 Facing the sexual demon of colonial power Sabelo Ndwandwe
12 Change of permanence: African gender and politics Simon Gitau Maine
13 The free state: All the men’s dreams Stephanie Wanga
14 Gender integrity in leadership and African philosophy Stephen Victor Dutse
15 Democracy and gender in African philosophy Theophil Christopher
16 Gender dynamics in a mould of stalled world view Amuge Christine
17 Gender dimensions and the continued gender discrimination even in modern world. Tugume Joseph
Theme Two: Gender and Culture in African
1 Gender disparity and it’s negative implications in Africa: A case Study of Nigeria Agbo Emmanuel Maduabuchi
2 The place of the second wife in traditional Africa: A case of Acholi society Ajok Beatrice Abonga
3 Gender emancipation in African philosophy Akena Tonny
4 The canonicity of patriarchy in African Byaruhanga Rukooko Archangel
5 Discourse on same gender marriage in Igbo culture: the implications on women and society Chinyere Christian Emedo
6 The debiologization of gender: a phenomenological study of gender in an African society Chrysogonus M. Okwenna
7 Feminism de-feminised: Post-truth femininity and PlacideTempels’ Bantu Ontology Daniel Komakech and Patricia Ajok
8 Philosophy of sagacity, as a gadget to break the trap of “aristocracy of sex” in African philosophy Eden Abate Getahun
9 Lineage, women, and African cultures and philosophy Edwin Etieyibo
10 Ọ̀tún wẹ òsì, òsì wẹ ọ̀tún, Gender roles reversal and the bane of modernization: lessons f Gbadamosi A., Adekoya J, Olálé̩ye̩ S
11 An afrocentric construction of a ‘philosopher queen’ Helen Titilola, Olojede
12 Gender in Africa: crisis between tradition and modernity Henri Gbadi Finimonga
Theme Three: Gender, Feminism and Masculinity
1 Is this the era of misandry in Africa? Why toxic feminism must be checked Amara Esther Chimakonam
2 African traditional conception of women and the call for mainstreaming of women’s perspectives in Af Amos Ameh Ichaba
3 Or NguherGa, KasevTsegher (No Body Is Home, Its Only Women): Woman in The Eyes of the Woman InTiv So Andrew Phililps Adega
4 Ecofeminism: An Igbo-African perspective Anthony Uzochukwu Ufearoh
5 Transforming gender relations? An interpretive study of masculinities-focused interventions in Rwand Asasira Simon Rwabyoma
6 African philosophy and the feminine voice on the margins Charles C. Nweke
7 The impact of feminism on family values in contemporary Igbo society Chidimma, Nkemdilim Ezeador, & Charles Nweke
8 Politicizing Gender discrimination: Neo-feminism, traditional African socialism and Gender Kaggwa Andrew
9 The poverty of hegemonic masculinity: Emancipatory criticisms of African philosophy Kizito Michael George
10 A black woman’s place: A critique Nkosinathi Dludla
11 Untangling the identity crisis in African feminist philosophy. Peace Yawa Avornyo
12 An exposition of the concept of feminist justice in African philosophy Sabas Kimani
13 African feminisms: against relations of domination along epistemic lines Thabang Dladla, Lethabo Masha
Theme Four: Gender and Environment
1 Understanding gender relations in cooking among smallholder farmers’ households: An energy transitio Aoyo Christine
2 Ethics of care, the environment and obligatory anthropoholism: the role of the mother Chinedu S.Ifeakor
3 Ubuntu and the gender question in climate change remediation in Africa Diana-Abasi Ibanga
4 African environmentalism: accounting for the usage of grandmother’s maternal values in addressing en Elsie Kokaba
5 The utility of Ujamaa in the adaptation of rural female smallholder farmers to climate smart agricul Susan Arayo
6 Gender Inclusion and Environmental Management: A road map for environmental sustainability in Nigeri Umezurike J. Ezugwu
Theme Five: Gender and Society
1 Unpacking the importance cattle keeping for women through Ubuntu philosophy: A case study with Tsong Birgit Boogaard1and Petronella Chaminuka
2 Gendered Factors associated with Mortality among COVID 19 Patients Treated in Gulu Regional Referral David Lagoro Kitara, Steven Baguma, Christopher Okot, Nelson Onira Alema, Paska Apiyo, Paska Layet,
3 Commenting on my Marital Status is not a greeting”: Motherhood and pacing Marriage between Uganda an Julaina A. Obika
4 Gender dimensions of Aguu (socially excluded youth) in Gulu City, Northern Uganda Patrick Ochen, Patrick Kabwijamu and Agatha Alidri
5 Sagacious and Didactic knowledge application in a post-industrial and trans-racial global society: a Peter Odera Oruka
6 Emotional oppression from Morrison to Gyasi: critical analysis of matriarchal tales on two hills Victor C. Ariole
Theme Six: Gender, Culture and Religion
1 Women’s position in mainstream Christian denominations: Catherine Nyafwono
2 Understanding gender in the light of intercultural philosophy: A case study of African and Western g Chidiebere Obi
3 A metaphysical enquiry into the natural and cultural difference between male and female Emmanuel Maybin Ichidi
4 The paradox of religion on gender dimensions: reflections on Pentecostalism Namugenyi Lilian Caroline
Theme Seven: Gender, Conflict, Peace and Justice
1 Bell hooks model of love as pathway to gender reconciliation in Africa Christopher Ogugua
2 In my wife’s house: Materiality and physicality of romantic neighbouring in post-truth ‘worthy man’ Daniel Komakech & Okodel Francis
3 African jurisprudence: exhaustion of traditional dispute resolution mechanisms before litigation for Dynesius Nyangau
4 ILobolo and Intergenerational Justice George Hull
5 She too can be a perpetrator: Gender and war Jjuuko John Fisher
6 A gendered perspective of the Acholi philosophy on transitional justice and reparation in the contex Laloyo Stella Apecu and Dr. Agatha Alidri.
7 An imperative for gender complimentarity as a pancea to fostering world peace. Ogochukwu Agatha Okpokwasili.
8 Gender and Reconciliation Rianna Oelofsen
9 Ubuntu philosophy in the service of gender justice in Africa. Ugwu, Vitalis Chukwuemeka
Theme Eight: Gender and Human Rights
1 Deriving gender equality from the Yoruba theory of destiny: reconciling the concept of gender with t Babalola Joseph Balogun
2 Gender disparity and human rights in a digital age: vis-a-vis the status of women in Africa Chinyere Christian Emedo, Johnkings Leynnemeka Emedo, Nnamdiazikwe
3 The hermeneutics of women identity in a philosophical discourse as a framework for steering Africa’s Crispin Ong’era Isaboke
4 The minority question and violations of human rights: The case of Kenya. Dynesius Nyangau
5 Postcoloniality, otherness and the performative contradictions of the discourse on femininity in Afr Fasil Merawi
6 Siinqee: A philosophy of women's rights and representation among the Oromo communities of Ethio Fiseha Moreda Obsu
7 Historical analysis of the hierarchy of oppression(s): black and women in question Londiwe Xaba
8 Gender, dimensions, discrimination and inequality Margaret A. Adyero
9 Inheritance and the female gender in Igbo African philosophy: A metaphysical appraisal Mirian Ngozi Alike
10 Her greatest and abused resource: A critique of the dualist view of woman and her body Nakabo, Robinah Seruga
11 Tracing women representation in the mass media in Uganda: The case of reporters and editors in Gulu Ojok James Onono
12 Mental alienation and Africa’s women long walk to autonomy in search of authenticity Okumu, Anthony Odhiambo
13 Territorial Rights and Feminism Rita Ogochukwu Ezugwu
14 Sarah Baartman: Resistance and the Colonised Body Sanya Osha
15 Racial capitalism and the struggle for emancipation: A gendered approach Siphiwe Ndlovu
Theme Nine: Gender, Knowledge and Education
1 Universities are hubs for risky sexual behaviours in Uganda. What is the prevalence? Bahati Amon
2 Nneka: Igbo (African) epistemic mechanisms/imaginaries for valorizing the female Donald Mark C. Ude
3 Women’s marginalisation and African philosophy: An epistemic assessment of practice of bride price i Elias G. Konyana & Beatrice Okyere-manu
4 Gender discourse: polemics, rhetoric and thought Innocent I. Enweh
5 A paradigm shift in gender and education in the 21st century: a case study at Tangaza university col Margret Aringo
6 A paradigm shift in gender and education in the 21st century: a case study at Tangaza university col Msc Okolo
7 Whither Esi’s love life: Reflections on Ama ta Aidoo's changes - a love story (1991) Mxolisi Malimela
8 Not yet gender balanced: a critique of Uganda’s formal education system since 1900. Naomi Namanya
9 Gender differences in the role of curriculum coverage in secondary schools in Gulu City Okumu John Bismarck
10 Then Philosophical security of Plato’s ideas on education and gender and its relevance in African sa Oliver Babirye Najjuma
11 Whose knowledge counts? The use of indigenous local knowledge in preterm birth and care in rural Lir Opira Otto and Dr. Beatrice Odongkara
12 Gender dimensions in public University Education in Uganda Rosalba Aciro, George Openjuru, George Oriangi, David Onen, Betty A. Ezati
13 Bell hooks’ feminist, and ancient Egypt’s philosophy of education for an enabling afrocentric, again Simphiwe Sesanti
Theme Ten: Gender Equality and Equity
1 Gender responsive budgeting as a tool for promoting women’s economic and political rights in Africa Eric V. Suyru
2 The role of Ubuntu philosophy in addressing the pitfalls of male domination Barasa Nasambu Joy
3 Cultural distortion and the subordination of women in African societies Ebbah Dube
4 Kenneth Kaunda’s African humanist philosophy and gender equity Eliud Ominde
5 Ubuntu, self-examination and gender equality Gerard Majella Nnamunga
6 Ubuntu as emancipation: Deconstructing the domination and pursuing equality Habiba NuredineSherif
7 Poverty or culture? Perspectives of gender inequality in Africa and the way forward. Izuchukwu Kizito Okoli
8 Equal rights, different gender roles: lessons from Africa’s Luwerekera Bernard and Naomi Namanya
9 Philosophical critical analysis of the wide spread discrimination against the female gender in the a Simon Kivuva
10 Equality of all men in Zara Yacob’s Philosophy (Hatata) Teshome Abera
11 Gender based limitations and discrimination: An African hermeneutical perspective Uchenna Azubuike Ezeogu
Theme Eleven: Gender, Ethics and Technology
1 Considering ethical theories when investigating gendered results from an empirically engaged African Aïda C. Terblanché-greeff
2 Recovering women’s contribution to technology: inclusivity in artificial intelligence Helen Titilola, Olojede
3 Socratic methods on Contemporary ethics: implications for gender Simon Gitau Maine

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